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Mexico offers the very best in bass fishing!
Lake Comedero, Lake El Salto and Lake Picachos

Mexico bass fishing

J&J Guide Service offers this unique bass fishing experience of a lifetime! 

Mexico offers the very best in bass fishing! MEXICO BASS FISHING unique bass fishing Mexico bass fishing Mexico offers the very best in bass fishing! bass fishing in Mexico

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Please Note: Phone Hours: 8am - 8pm Central Standard Time

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J.W. Peterson has been Bass Fishing Mexico lakes since 1968 and has been involved in escorting and guiding individuals and groups on some of the best lakes that Mexico has to offer with long time friend and outfitter, Ron Speed. Let us use our knowledge and experience to help you have a Bass Fishing experience of a lifetime!

Mexico Bass FishingLake El Salto

"...not uncommon for 2 anglers to catch quality fish daily...offers the amateur and novice angler the opportunity to easiliy catch lots of fish, most days without a lot of effort." Mexico's Lake El Salto is located 50 miles north of the beautiful seaside resort of Mazatlan. Lake El Salto has thousands of hungry bass that are easily caught all year on a variety of lures, but top-waters, crank baits, and plastic worms are best. El Salto offers the amateur and novice angler the opportunity to easily catch lots and lots of fish most days without a lot of effort.

Club El  Salto at Lake El Salto, MexicoOur clients stay at Club El Salto which is on the water's edge on the lake. Camp El Salto's design came from Casa Mar fishing camp in Costa Rica. It is a four building camp with a screened-in circular restaurant overlooking beautiful Lake El Salto. The houses have two private bedrooms and an adjoining shower and bath combination. The restaurant has a large 20-ft indoor aquarium with trophy bass exceeding 10 lbs. and you will be able to keep up with your favorite sports team at Club El Salto with its satellite T.V.
Club El Salto's prevailing breezes from the nearby Pacific Ocean assure great comfort all year, and the screened-in rooms with ceiling fans are truly delightful. Blankets are needed each night.

Club El Salto's food is just wonderful. The cook prepares a mixture of American, Mexican, and local seafood dishes that will please the most difficult of palates. Mazatlan, with its fantastic beaches, is your gateway city to both El Salto and Comedero lakes, and is serviced by airlines from all over the U.S.A. We will arrange your transportation from Mazatlan to both lakes.

Father-Son / Mother-Daughter Spring Break Special, Entire Month of March, 2016 only **

Lake 5 Day Packages: 4 Day Packages: 5 Day Packages:
El Salto $1195 $1395 $1595
7 Day Packages: El Salto $1995  

Normal ground transport: rates for each lake apply

** Call for details

El Salto Rates

Lake El Salto Bass Fishing Package

Season 3 Day Packages: 4 Day Packages: 7 Day Packages:
Oct - Dec $1295 $1595 $2195
Jan - March $1495 $1795 $2595
April - July $1295 $1595 $2195

Combo Comedero and El Salto packages are available. Fish both lakes on the same trip! (See Rates below)

Combo El Salto and Picachos available see Picachos rates below.

Package includes:
Nice, comfortable rooms in new and original houses. (All rooms are are allotted on first-come, first-served basis.)
Fish out of Express boats
Free Satellite phone
Free use of rod & reels
Free internet service
TV in room
Cuban cigars
Open bar
If you have any questions, please contact JW Peterson 214-236-3320
Ground Transport: $85 per person (based on a minimum of 4 people).

Please note:
3 Day Packages are for 3 Nights Lodging
4 Day Packages are for 4 Nights Lodging
5 Day Packages are for 4 Nights Lodging
6 Day Packages are for 4 Nights Lodging
7 Day Packages are for 7 Nights Lodging
Prices subject to change without notice

Mexico Bass FishingLake Comedero

JW Peterson of J&J Guide Service with a trophy bass.

"The thrill of the strike, a trophy size catch, Mexican cuisine and great times with friends in the beauty of Mexico's majestic Sierra Madre Mountains. A trophy hunter's paradise." Lake Comedero is a beautiful mountain lake nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains 100 miles northeast of the seaside resort city of Mazatlan. Its clear, cool water is teeming with thousands of hungry black bass which will strike almost any type lure all year.

Without any doubt, Comedero is the world's best bass lake for numbers of bass from 8 lbs to 12 lbs with some bass ranging from 12 to 15 lbs. Daily catches average 40 to 60 fish per day per boat. It is totally a catch and release lake.

Our clients stay in a small, quaint lodge which is reflective of the true "Old Mexico." The camp consists of four houses that contain four completely private, air-conditioned spacious bedrooms, plus ceiling fans to assure your comfort. Purified bottled water is furnished in each house, and is completely safe to drink.

After a great day's fishing, you are welcomed to the camp with complimentary margaritas and hors d'oeuvres delivered directly to your room. The wonderful menu consists of a variety of foods. Breakfast offers a wide selection of local fresh fruits, hot biscuits, bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, coffee, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Our lunch is a shore lunch consisting of fresh fish fillets, french fries, and all the trimmings. Dinner is absolutely excellent each night with a menu of succulent charcoal grilled steaks, shrimp, frog legs, and a variety of vegetables. All you can eat!

Comedero Bass Club offers you Bass fishing and Lodges at their finest. The thrill of the strike, a trophy size catch, Mexican cuisine, and great times with friends in the beauty of Mexico's majestic Sierra Madre Mountains. Mexico, "a very special place to fish".

Lake Comedero Rates

Season 3 Day Packages: 4 Day Packages: 7 Day Packages:
Nov. - Dec $1795 $1995 $2895
Jan. - Mar $1795 $1995 $2895
April $1795 $1995 $2895

Ground Transport: $125 per person (based on a minimum of 4 people).

Combo Comedero and El Salto packages are available. Fish both lakes on the same trip! (See Rates below)

Not Included:

Airfare to and from Mazatlan
Ground transportation from Mazatlan (Round Trip)
Last night stay in Mazatlan
Please note:
3 Day Packages are for 3 Nights Lodging
4 Day Packages are for 4 Nights Lodging
5 Day Packages are for 4 Nights Lodging
6 Day Packages are for 4 Nights Lodging
7 Day Packages are for 7 Nights Lodging

Prices subject to change without notice

Mexico Bass FishingLake Picachos

Lake Picachos is our newest destination. It is filthy with bass of all sizes that will strike just about any lure, and is less than one hour from beautiful Mazatlan! This lake is 50 minutes drive South of the awesome bass fishing on El Salto. We have plans to start offering COMBO packages in the future that will allow you to fish BOTH LAKES in the same trip!!!!

Lake Picachos &  El Salto Combos

Season 2-2 Combo Packages 2 Days El Salto / 3 Days Picachos
Jan. - Mar, 2015 $1,895 $2,095
April - Aug, 2015 $1,895 $2,095


Lake Picachos Rates

Season 3 Day Packages: 4 Day Packages: Additional Days: 7 Day Packages:
Jan. - Dec., 2014 $1,695 $1,895 $200 per extra day $2,495

Package includes:
Guided fishing and Boat
Fishing License
Use of Rods
Free use of Satellite Phone
Cuban cigars

Not Included:
Airfare to and from Mazatlan
Ground transportation from Mazatlan (Round Trip)
Last night stay in Mazatlan

Please note:
3 Day Packages are for 3 Nights Lodging
4 Day Packages are for 4 Nights Lodging
7 Day Packages are for 7 Nights Lodging
If you have any questions, please contact JW Peterson 214-236-3320

*Ground Transport: $70 per person (based on a minimum of 4 people).
Prices subject to change without notice

Mexico Bass Fishing Package Plans

Combo Comedero and El Salto packages are available. Fish both lakes on the same trip!

Season 3-2 Combo Packages: 3-3 Combo Packages: 3-4 or 4-3 Combo: 2-2 Combo Packages:
Nov - Dec $1395 $1595 $1795 $1195
Jan - March NA NA $2295 NA
 April $1395 $1595 $1795 $1195

RSA must have a minimum of 6 clients doing a combo for any combo date.

*Ground Transport: $175 roundtrip for combos (based on a minimum of 4 people
Prices subject to change without notice

Mexico Bass FishingContact us today for Your Mexico Bass Fishing Trip!
For bookings and schedules...Call:214-236-3320
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Mexico Bass FishingTestimonials from past trips:

Bass Bonanzas!
JW and Greg,
We arrived last night. No problems traveling. We had a wonderful time even though your company was missed. Food was better! Carlos and crew where accommodating. Everyone was appreciative and happy to be there. We went straight to camp after arriving which is the best schedule if possible.

As for fishing, I can't wait to share the reports. Our group boated over 100 each day. We down right slayed em. I found a point next to San Marcos Creek and caught 92 the first afternoon, 110 the second with Mike(from Park Place) and 103 the third with Goodall. All fish averaged 3 to 6lbs on crank baits and white Hoo Daddy's. It was a catch of a lifetime! So sad you guys could not make it on this trip. Fishermans dream! All want to go back.

Tell you more later. ‎Thanks for putting it all together. You're awesome.


El Salto trip January 28 to Feb 1, 2012.
Thanks to J&J guide service for setting up the trip with Ron Speed Adventures. It was a treat to have the opportunity to fish in such a place!!
The views were scenic, the accommodations were great, the camp staff was friendly and helpful, the guides handled the boats very well allowing every opportunity to catch fish and of course the fishing was fantastic! I lost track of the number of fish we actually caught in 3 days. We did our best to keep track with the guides keeping count for us. Well over 400 bass in the boat according to guide counts. So many 4 -6 pound fish I lost track. A handful above 7's and 3 above 8. I went through a bunch of soft plastics. Great fishing is the short description.
As far as the travel part of the trip........The air travel was quick and convenient with a direct flight just over 2 hours from Dallas to Mazatlan. The ground transportation was waiting with cold drinks and a friendly helpful driver who spoke nearly perfect english. A short 90 minutes in a very comfortable Chevy full size van and we were at camp. Camp was like staying at the holiday inn but in a pretty place with a staff who actually took care of you. Clean rooms, hot showers, good food, a bar built in a big tree, satellite tv and wi fi......I can't imagine what else we needed.
Most important, contrary to the media hype.....there were no security issues. I will go back and do it again soon!
Thanks again J&J!
Mike Kizer

Thanks for being a GREAT host on out trip to El Salto. You were very helpful to keep us on track through the airport to the lodge. The fishing was excellent with over a 100 fish per day, that was a catching trip! The guides were top notch and very knowledgeable. There was never any fear of being safe on the trip to the lodge, at the lodge, or back for our nights stay in Mazatlan. The new rooms at the lodge were very nice. I will for sure be back for another great time!
John W. Ackley

Hi JW,
I want say ?thank you? for arranging such a great trip for my group this year. We have done many trips over the years and I have to rank this trip very high on the list. This trip resulted in the most fish I have ever caught on any water. It was great to eat good, sleep good and, fish, fish, fish! I feel that everyone at the camp along the fishing guides worked very hard to ensure that we had a good time and that everything ran like clockwork. The food was very good and Loupe kept everyone entertained. We all felt totally at home and there was no issues with security or safety. I already have customers asking to come next year and they will pay their own way! It doesn?t get any better than that!
Thanks Again,
Jack Harmon
North Carolina

No problem giving a "testimonial" here! All deserved!
"This is the BEST BASS FISHING TRIP I have EVER been on! The fishing was so good, number and size, I did not even need fish stories when I came home!!! The problem was, the numbers and size were so good, everyone thought they were "fish stories" as I related them!"
Safety was my wife's concern before we left. I have to tell you, the thought never entered my mind once the trip started. From the efficiency of airport pick up in Mazatlan to transport and arrival at the lodge, all was great. Once at the lodge and on the lake, the serenity and peacefulness were amazing. No safety concerns what so ever. Back for a night in Mazatlan, same as any city in the US. Use common sense and stay with the activity and one is perfectly safe.
If JW Peterson is in charge, you have someone looking after every detail to be sure your trip is successful. You feel part of JW's "family" as he oversees everything in your best interest.
The camp and lodge is clean and well run. Everything is on time; meals fine for the remote environment. Margaritas available and plentiful!!!
Mexican fishing guides were professional and efficient. They generally knew the spots to take you and were helpful on all matters. They don't even bring their fishing rods. They are full time "all about you"!
LIFE IS GOOD if you are on Lake Salto at Ron Speed's Adventures with JW Peterson!!! Life and bass fishing just don't get any better than that!
Dan Toran
A simple Virginia fisherman

I just returned from El Salto after a four day fishing trip. My hands are sore my left elbow is stiff and I can?t get this stupid grin off of my face. I caught over 200 fish up to 6lbs 2ozs. I lost a couple of larger fish when they wrapped me around some of the stick ups. I did see both of them and the guide estimated them to be close to 10 lbs each judging by the size of their mouth and head. I was able to go to El Salto the same time of year last year for three days and was hoping to match the 97 fish I caught then. As you see I doubled that amount with just one additional day of fishing. The guides were great, the food was plentiful and very good. The hospitality could not have been more gracious. I try to fish 20 or 25 weekends a year around East Texas lakes and at the rate of fish catching I do in Texas it would take me almost 3 years of fishing to catch the number of fish I caught in the 4 days I spent at El Salto.
One of the side benefits of catching so many fish in such a short time is the experience you gain. In Texas I might catch 8 to 10 fish a day on a C-Rig. At El Salto I would catch 50 fish on a C-Rig a day. Nothing helps your feel and confidence in a fishing technique like catching fish as frequently as you do on El Salto. Anyway, if anyone is looking for a trip of a lifetime tell them to call me about a trip to El Salto with Ron Speed Adventures. If they can go when you are there that?s even better.
If anyone is concerned about their safety I have been twice now and would not hesitate to go again tomorrow. The short plane ride from DFW to Mazatlan and the
short van ride to the camp was as pleasant and secure as any trip in the DFW/Houston area.
Thanks you for getting me involved in this great experience in Mexico.
Kenneth D. Higginbotham

Date: 2/23/2012
I just wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful experience that I had on Lake El Salto at Ron Speed?s Camp. It was the trip of a life time for me. My partner and I boated 372 bass in 4 days of fishing. While neither of us managed to get a double digit fish in the boat, we definitely had a couple on. Our largest fish was my 8lb 4oz beauty and my partner boated a 7lb 6oz, 7lb 8oz, and a 7lb 11oz for the 4 days of fishing. The majority of our fish ranged from 3lbs to 5lbs. I have never felt bass that are this strong, 3lb fish commonly stripping drag and violent aerial assaults on our topwater baits. If you want an unbelievable adventure, then this is the place to go. We had 21 guys on the trip and as a total we boated 916 on day 1, 927 on day 2, 927 on day 3, and 1068 black bass on day 4. It is truly bass heaven.
I know the concerns about traveling to Mexico, but I want to assure you, that we have not had any problems whatsoever. This was my second year and I have never felt unsafe at all. We are met at the Mazatlan Airport by Jorge and they load the comfortable vans with our gear, then to our usual stop by the local Wal-mart type store for last minute necessities, then a stop at our favorite Tamale Shop, and then driven straight to Ron?s place on El Salto for the unbelievable fishing. Again, I have felt totally safe the entire time in Mexico.
In closing I would just like to thank Lupe and his staff for the wonderful job. They take care of our every need, from 3 cooked meals a day to room service, and to the wonderful guides for catering to our every need. Next years trip is already on the schedule.
Jeff Nelson

Thanks for all the effort you put into these Mexico trips, it was truly and awesome adventure.
With some skepticism I have read many testimonials, watched several videos, and listen to stories about bass fishing in Mexico on lake El Salto. This January I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Lake El Salto with a group at Ron Speed Adventures and proved that everything I had been exposed to about this lake/outfitter couldn?t even come close to explaining what an awesome adventure this is!
From the flight down from Dallas, to the van ride to the camp with the roadside tamales and tacos, to the incredible fishing and camaraderie with all the guys fishing with us, it was an amazing time.
As far as the fishing , two of us caught between 98 and 200 bass every day we were there, my partners largest bass was 7.2lbs while we caught several between four and six pounds the largest for the entire group was 10lbs with three over nine pounds. I don?t believe there is any other place we could go to catch fish like this and have the opportunity for that next bite to be the largest bass you have ever caught in your life.
The camp was laid back and we had a hot meal ready for us when we woke up, got in from the morning fishing, and when we returned from fishing in the evening. ?Eat Sleep Fish? where have you heard that before, well those guys must have gone fishing with Ron Speed Adventures to come up with that slogan.
Safety and security was never a question, I don?t think anyone from our group ever felt the least bit threatened at any point in our trip, from being at the airport at Mazatlan to spending the week at the fishing camp to returning to Mazatlan to our hotel and going out for dinner the last night we were there, it was all fantastic.
I hope to be able to return again and again to enjoy this great adventure.
Charles Van Pelt
Van Buren, AR

My 6th visit to Mexico with Ron Speed and my friend, JW Peterson was "AWESOME". In 4 days of fishing, our group of 22 folks caught over 5,200 bass. The fishing was great, the camp super, and the guides fun. Not one time did I ever feel threatened or insecure. I highly recommend the trip to anyone wanting to experience a true bass fishing "MECA".
Jimmy Beach
Thanks to everyone and I am looking forward to fishing with you again this next year !

Thanks for the pictures! Hard to believe that it was 2 weeks ago today that we met in Dallas/Fort Worth airport to start the most fantastic fishing adventure of my 80+ years. It takes a lot to make an old man dream. Yet, I have had 3 nights of dreaming of "setting the hooks" since we got back. I really can't remember when I started bass fishing, probably
1940-1941. We had a lake in front of our home so I started with a rod and Shakespeare reel, then on to fly fishing. But, for those 70 years I never ever dreamed of catching so many bass. The fishing camp was fantastic, also. Lupe was a hoot, and Jorge and the rest couldn't do enough for us. It just couldn't have been more enjoyable unless I could have landed the 10+ pounder.
I hope that I can live long enough to experience it once again. If you will, please pass this on to J.W. And, J.W. you did, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being excellent, you scored 11.
Thanks for the trip.


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